Workshop of Young Scholars

“LegalTech: the dusk of jurisprudence or the law of future?”

In frames of the magistrate and post-graduate open day on February 20, 2020 at 18:00 the Institute of Legislation and Comparative Law under the Government of the Russian Federation (Bolshoi Kharitonievskiy Lane, 22/24) will house the Workshop of Young Scholars “LegalTech: the dusk of jurisprudence or the law of future?”

The main goal of this event is to ensure mastering skills of public reporting in English with the use of special legal terminology.

In the Digital Era of the modern society all its spheres eventually become affected by emerging technologies. The legal sphere (including consulting and legal support) is no exception here. The full-scale implementation of digital technologies begets new forms of interaction between lawyers and their clients - as well as it modifies existing relationships. This leads to the emergence of such phenomena as digital notary (e-notary); remote provision of legal advice; e-documentation.

The scientific community has split opinions upon the possible course of events, connected with the implementation of high-tech into jurisprudence. Would LegalTech be a tool for the “law of future” or would it mark the beginning extinction of the jurisprudence we know?

Legal Tech, being a system of ICT means, facilitating legal cooperation and sometimes – even replacing it in the modern world, composes the main topic of the discussion in frames of our Workshop of Young Scholars.


Questions to be discussed:

  1. Legal automation – benefits and drawbacks

  2. Will Legal Tech put an end to the legal profession?

  3. Accessing justice and Legal Tech

  4. Legal Department 2020

  5. The implementation of Legal Tech in Russia and foreign countries

  6. Smart contracts and their potential

  7. Jurisprudence for everyone – legal document construction kits


Working language – English (intermediate +)

Reporting time limit – 10 minutes for a speaker

Intended for: students of high schools, universities, bachelor and magistrate students, post-graduate students, young researchers


Please send your applications here:    (To Saifullin E.K., head of the Council of Scholars)

Please declare the following in your application:

  • Your full name

  • Your organization name

  • Your course/status/degree/occupation

  • Report topic

  • Brief annotation of your report

  • Phone number

  • Email


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