Summer School 2018

Summer School of the Institute of Legislation and Comparative Law under the Government of the Russian Federation




The society increasingly pays attention to protection of the environment in a modern era of global crises, considering the environmental interest as one of the most important public interests.

The law does not stay on the sidelines. More than 20 years the legal regulation of environmental protection and use of natural resources are the priority directions of law development. Creation of the conditions for sustainable development of civilization is one of the most important goals of legal regulation. So, in such conditions the environmental legislation have to take into account the need to ensure a balance of private and public (environmental) interests. This aim could be achieved first of all by lawful restrictions on the individual’s rights in order to protect the common weal. 

Project mission:

  • to extend and to improve knowledge of the students in jurisprudence, including the key legal issues of the environmental law development both at national and international levels;
  • to form the socio-cultural surrounding focused on environment;

  • to get a sideground knowledge of the Russian language in the process of intensive communication with the native speakers;

  • to become acquainted with the history and sights of Moscow and Russia;

  • to strengthen cooperation between the educational institutions of Germany, other foreign countries and the Institute.

Dates: 19.08.2018 - 02.09.2018

Location: Institute of Legislation and Comparative Law, Moscow (Bolshoi Kharitonievsky Pereulok, 22-24; Bolshaya Cheremushkinskaya St., 34).

Targeted audience: undergraduate and graduate students of all disciplines interested in contemporary environmental issues and their resolving in the large industrialized states, the activities of the international environmental organisations, environmental education and upbringing, the basis of Russian law and problems of legal integration (levels A1-A2, B1).

Our Summer school offers:

  • training in English;
  • getting acquainted with modern urban culture;

  • interactive sessions on key legal issues of environmental protection and use of natural resources;

  • study the practical activities of state and judicial authorities of the Russian Federation;

  • extensive excursion program;

  • visit of the Republic of Karelia (August 24-25, 2018);

  • visit of the Prioksko-Terrasny state biosphere reserve;

  • providing with the necessary learning materials.

Participation is chargeable. For the further information please contact by e-mail:

Working language: English.

Accommodation: for students will be arranged a dormitory accommodation, breakfast and lunch are included.

Results: Training certificate / diploma (in English)

Deadline for applications: June 10,2018

Required documents: motivation letter (not less than 2500 printed characters), a completed application form. Application form

All the documents are accepted by e-mail to Yulia Kashewarowa :


Date Events

Sunday, 19.08.2018

 Arrival and check in 


Opening of the School. Welcome speech of the director of the Institute, academician T. Khabrieva

Exposure to the Institute. Visiting the Institute’s museum

Topical seminar– acquaintance

«Modern environmental issues and a role of law in solving them» 

Participants of the seminar: S. Bogolyubov, Е. Galinovskaya, staff of the Institute’s departments (В. Artyomov (upon confirming), S. Shul’ga (upon confirming), S. Kubantsev (upon confirming), F. Leschenkov (upon confirming) and others) 

Issues and Impact: global environmental crisis, global climate change; legal capabilities in recovering an environmental crisis, environment and national legal systems, state environmental policy, recovering water crisis by legal means 


Russian language classes

City tour in Moscow by bus (4 hours)


Walking tour around Moscow «Ecological appearance of modern city:

from Le Corbusier till present»

(U. Shupletsova)

Tour program: nature reserve Vorobyovy Hills, Neskuchny Garden, the Gorki Park, Park Museon, the Moscow River, Boulevard Ring, Alexander's Garden, Zaryadye Park)


Russian language classes 

Visiting Kremlin and Red Square


Round table “Environmental rights in a system of social rights”

Moderator: F. Tsomartova (upon confirming)

Held by: Staff of the Institute

Issues and Impact: state with the protection of environmental rights in the Russian Federation; ways to protect environmental human rights; the right to health and the environment in the 21st Century, the right to water, environmental education and mentoring.


Russian language classes

Visiting Moscow Unified Museum-Reserve “Kolomenskoye”


Environmental function of the state: legislation and administration

(Visiting state organs)

Program (upon confirming): Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment of the Russian Federation, The Council of Federation of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation (Committee on Agro-Food Policy), Supreme Court of the Russian Federation or Moscow Regional Court, state organs of Moscow and Moscow Oblast


Russian language classes

Visiting the Tretyakov Gallery


Round table «Russia in a global world: environmental dimension»

Held by: А. Kovler (upon confirming), А. Kapustin (upon confirming), N. Kichigin, V. Avkhadeev, staff of the Institute

Issues and Impact: state environmental policy of the Russian Federation; contribution to global environmental security; international agreements and cooperation in the field of environmental protection, the problems of implementing international agreements on climate, the practice of the European Court of Environmental Rights, the struggle for climate, global environmental pollution, interregional aspects of environmental protection (the Arctic, maritime space, the Far East, etc.)


Russian language classes

Departure to Petrozavodsk 


Traditions of ethnicities of Russia and environmental education

 Petrozavodsk city (Republic of Karelia)

Visiting educational establishments of higher professional education of the Republic of Karelia 


Tour to Onega Lake, exposure to national traditions and cuisine, etc.

Leisure time

Departing to Moscow 


Round table «Law of residual risk in Russia»

 Issues and Impact: Classification of risks, balance unit, cumulative damage to environment

Moderator: (upon confirming) 

Held by: Staff of the Institute 


Russian language classes

Leisure time


Topical seminar «Conservation of biodiversity under modern conditions»

Held by: Е. Galinovskaya, staff of the Institute, representatives of the World Wildlife Fund (upon confirming), international and Russian environmental organisations, etc.

Issues and Impact: implementation of the Convention on Biological Diversity in the Russian Federation; sustainable use of nature and the role of law in its securing, Red Book of Endangered Species of the Russian Federation, natural areas of special protection, the conservation of biodiversity as an environmental problem, biodiversity as an element of habitat, protection of flora and fauna, biodiversity protection tools


Russian language classes

Excursion to Cosmonautics museum and to VDNKh


Round table «Green economy» 

Participants: U. Shupletsova, staff of the Institute, Representatives of Russian business community, German–Russian agriculture dialogue (upon confirming), etc. 

Issues and Impact: innovative technologies of energy and resource saving, "green" standards in construction, production of environmentally friendly agricultural products, green technologies in transport, industry and agriculture, sustainable development of cities and territories.  


Russian language classes

Excursion to State Pushkin Museum or the Novo-Devichi Convent 


Meet - bisons.

Visiting The Prioksko-Terrasny Nature Biosphere Reserve 

(Serpukhov district of the Moscow Area)


Professional simulation “Nuclear energy use: pros and cons” 

Moderators: М. Ponomaryov, Н. Kichigin

Participants: staff of the Institute 

Directions for discussion: arguments for and against the use of atomic energy, the future of nuclear energy in the context of world development; use of renewable energy sources; nuclear safety precaution; use of radwaste. 


Russian language classes

Excursion to Gorky Park and Museon 


September 1– Knowledge Day

(special program upon confirming)

Closing round table

“The future of the planet is in our hands: what law can do”

Moderator: Н. Khludeneva (upon confirming)

Participants: S. Bogolyubov, Е. Galinovskaya, staff of the Institute

Issues and Impact: environmental law in the 21st century, the ability of society to combat global environmental challenges; public environmental associations: legal status and authority; sustainable development and law, the problem of accumulated environmental damage, waste management, use of the best available technologies.


Russian language classes

Closing School. Granting certificates to participants

Tour at  Moscow River


Leisure time



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